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myusernamehere , 21 May 2011

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I'm in seventh grade, and the year's almost over. I've been picking at my forehead since fifth grade, so it's been 2 years now. For me, writing this will be more like a journal, to review what I've done. I've tried to stop many times and I think that all of my scabs and scars are almost gone! I usually picked when I read or just in front of the mirror. I haven't been reading as much, so that could be a reason, but my teacher will be mad when she finds out. However, when I do read or do homework, I still have a tendency to rub or scratch a little on my forehead so I always have to cut my nails short. I feel like I've beaten my skin picking habit, and I'm really excited, but my finals are also coming up, along with an end of course exam for algebra 1, which is one of my harder classes. I'm scared that I'll start scratching again. I have a few noticeable scars, such as a larger brownish part where most of my scratching scabs were, and a smaller white part where there also were many scabs (those are just two, but there are the main ones). I still have pimples on my forehead, but not that many. Before, I constantly had open wounds on my head, but I didn't have many actual pimples, but you couldnt really tell b/c all anyone would notice were my scabs. Even strangers would mention to me that I was bleeding, but they were honestly trying to help, because they thought they were just informing me, but I already knew. I would get frustrated because everyone was unknowingly pointing out my flaws. Now, though, I feel even more stressed because I have no way to relax. (It sound stupid that the only way I have to relax was to scratch, but it was true). I now have a tendency to bite the inside of my cheeks instead, but it's not that bad. Overall, though, I am proud that I've kicked my habit. This forum helped me too, even though I never had a user before--I used to just read them to know that I wasn't alone. I made one just to post this, which hopefully will be my last post. No one else I know had a problem like mine, so I thought it was amazing that there were so many other people that picked. It annoying that I still rub my forehead (I just did), but I have enough willpower not to scratch. When I did scratch (I feel like I'm writing the same thing over and over), I scratched because of stress and I never realized when I was scratching, I scratched out of boredom, and I scratched in front of the mirror when I saw any pimple or bump because I always got angry at myself for being ugly. When I look back at it, I found it ironic because I was making it worse. I worry that in junior high and high school I'll scratch again because I'll have a LOT more work and stress, but I'll try not to think about that. These two years I've gone through are so short compared to the life I have in front of me, but I'll remember them because I defeated my compulsive enemy-- myself. My picking is hopefully a success story, and I am telling myself that I'll never pick again, so I have to find a new way to vent my stress...I'm trying my best to keep myself in the position that I am in now. Finally, I've almost reach my goal for good-- NO MORE PICKING!! :)
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May 27, 2011
Hey! I'm a freshman in high school currently and I feel your pain! Homework especially is one of the times that I pick. I used my mirror a lot as well, but by taking it down i decreased my facial picking by a lot. I understand the stress factor that contributes to picking. Something I have used is whenever I feel stressed and wanting to pick I will play my flute or go for a run. Exercise and music work very well for relaxing. Good luck!

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