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makeawish15 , 22 May 2011


I simply couldn't believe the amount of people who pick at their skin like I do. For nearly 20 years, since I was six, I've been picking my skin. Convinced it was some type of skin disease, my mom took me to doctors and dermatologists before she gave up and just told me to quit the bad habit. I couldn't "just quit" when I was six, and here I am today. I didn't even know the term "dermatillomania" existed until last night when I found this website. I had no idea what I was doing was considered a psychological issue. I didn't know that my compulsive picking went beyond just a bad habit. Most importantly, I had no idea I wasn't alone. I'm on this forum writing to whoever will listen because I haven't told anyone in my life yet. I'm sure they've all noticed my sometimes-absentminded, sometimes-conscious picking, and I'm sure they'll be supportive, but I just need to work up to it; I need to be confident I can make this change. So I'm on here, telling random strangers I'll never meet, because I know they'll understand. Thanks for listening! Your stories are inspirational, and I no longer feel like I'm all alone with my bad "freaky" habit.
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May 27, 2011
I just found this site an hour ago, and I was surprised too. But when you think about it, you haven't opened up about your picking, so why should anyone else? I'll bet we both know many people who pick just like us, but who try and hide it just like us! I'm nearly 20 as well, but I have no idea when I started picking. I can't say I'm the most extreme case, but I have had my share of compulsive picking sessions. For the last year or so I've mainly focused on my upper arms (I have keratosis pilaris... little bumps that just beg to be picked at!!) but I in the past I have picked at skin all over my body. I figured there was something psychological about skin picking, because for me it got worse when I was stressed (usually with schoolwork, exams, etc.) Still, there are many times when I don't really feel stressed, I don't even feel bored, but I still pick! Absentmindedly, like you said. I guess that's just due to bad habit? Anyways, I'm thinking of starting a 7-day challenge, because I saw an older thread of someone starting a challenge and thought it was a good idea! Care to join me? (We could exchange ideas/techniques, and try to motivate each other not to pick!)

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