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Forrest_girl11 , 23 May 2011

What do you do with your skin after you pick?

When you've really gone at your skin and you step back and it looks horrible, what do you do? I usually put lotion on it, is that right? I get really embarrassed to leave my house but I have to for school. I never know how to cover up the blemishes, because they are mostly scabs and normal coverup doesn't go over them well. What do all of you usually do when your skin is at it's worst from the picking?
3 Answers
May 25, 2011
hey there, i really know what your talking about here as i do the same and have to cover them up for school too. I usually put heaps of moisturizer on too or a band aid if there is one blemish in particular. I'm not saying this helps, it just covers it up for the day depending on the stickiness of the band aid ... OR if i can get away with it put one of those bandages that you slip on your wrists or ankles like when you sprain then coz to teachers it looks legit OR you could just wear school jumper to cover them up and deal with the heat lol... I hope this helps(:
May 25, 2011
hey there! i cant really recommend something to cover up the marks like a concealer or whatever. However i have discovered something that works really well on calming the skin again and help it to repair. Go to your local health shop and buy a bottle of pure aloe vera and some tea tree cream, not oil. Mix them together in a bowl ( a bit more aloe than cream) and smear it thickly over your face. Leave it dry in and leave it on for few hours or even for the whole night. Wash it off in the morn with water. You could also add a little bit of moisturising cream to the mixture with them. I have even put it in the fridge for a while before putting it on too cos it feels so good on your face after its red raw. I have been doing this a few months now and my skin looks so much calmer the next morning. Honestly its really good and its all natural. Saying that tho i wudnt put it on every night either just after a particularly bad session. Try it, it really works!!
May 26, 2011
i can be a really bad picker often leaving open wounds and they easily get infected. I've found it is best to gently wash wounds after you have finished your picking session then apply a special healing cream or ointment. Wash with anti-bacterial. Healing wise my favourite was MEBO Skin Restore for Wounds. make sure you get the one for wounds as the Burn ointment is not as effective. This is the stuff they use in hospitals, really good but not cheaps at NZ$30 I suggest you experiment with many different topical treatments. I don't know what country you're in but we have Tui Balm and Rawleigh's ointments in new zealand and they are both really good. Like another poster said its best to really layer it on, the skin will absorb it in time. Definitely look for more natural treatments. Good luck and hopefully one day soon you won't have to worry about the aftermath of picking.

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