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At-wits-end , 26 May 2011

Anyone find a good scar removal treatment?

I am a 24 year old dermatillomaniac. My problem actually comes from a hormone disorder and my endocrinologist put me on Prozac with increasing success. I am slowly beginning to stop finally, however, I am left with scars. I did not just pick at one spot repeatedly. I am covered from head to toe with scars, mostly my back, legs, and arms. I need something stronger than Mederma (mostly because it would take 1/2 a tube for one use on all my scars). I feel these scars are taking a very serious toll on my self confidence. I can't wear shorts, dresses, backless shirts, or tank tops. Summer is awfully hot under jeans and jackets. Has anyone tried something that has really worked for them? Less scars will mean less chance of starting up again... Thanks!
5 Answers
May 30, 2011
I use vitamin e or skin therapy oil. It works but the best thing that I've used is a tanning salon. I don't over do it but going for 20 minutes every week or two helps a lot. I know it's not the best thing for you but it will make your skin tone more even until the scars heal and then you won't need it.
May 30, 2011
I use a lot of Lush products. Especially, a message bar named Therapy (promotes healing) and a lotion & body wash called Dream Cream & Dream Wash. The visibility of my scars has changed dramatically. I also use vitamin e capsules and neroli essential oil on tough spots.
June 10, 2011
hey go to this site i found information on it had information about from the scar treatment association. i ordered some. let you know if it works.
June 17, 2011
I have been skin picking (Face, Chest, Tummy and etc... especially my legs and biting my nails to the core as to where I see blood), which one would think that would prevent me from further picking but if anything it just propels me to continue for the past several years. It started with me picking bug bites on my legs, which created scars. I had been picking my exema on my arms for many years prior to that as a beginning stage. However, in the past several years it has gotten much worse being in my mid to late 20's this transitional period in most adults lives leaves a lot of stress and mostly uncertainty which feeds it even more. I have started having microdermabrasion treatments on my leg due to the fact that my right leg is by far worse then the rest of my body, so far after two treatments, once a week, I have noticed subtle but impactful change with the clearing up of my skin tissue and starting to fade out the dark marks or scars that I have acquired and accumulated from picking bug bites. I found a reasonable deal in Kansas City by going to a beauty school, despite the fact that students are indeed the ones that do the procedure it is indeed legitimate and they are trained w/ supervision. I pay $20.00 per treatment plus a $3.00 tip ... each session lasts up to 15 min's and they recommend going 1 a week . This would be my suggestion so far I found that it is working but will update this as I continue to do the treatments. I'm very happy about the results, there is quite an improvement being made. I have also heard but not experienced first handedly Red light skin rejuvination therapy and acid skin peels- which seems a little unnatural but those are also both options to throw out there. Just my experience but it may be worth looking into and checking out. I'm getting better just trying to nib it in the butt before it gets much worse than it already is. Best of luck!

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