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waterbaby , 27 May 2011

Normal Hands

Hi - I have been picking my thumbs and fingers quite bad since about age 8 and I'm 30 now. I keep thinking that if I could just get my skin to heal quickly, I would be so happy with it that I would stop picking. Is there anything you can buy over the counter in the UK that makes your hands heal really quick. I found something called Chamomile Ointment which seems to work well to soothe them but it doesnt heal them up. Also when I come out of the swimming pool or bath the opportunity really presents itself to start picking as the skin goes all soft. I need to know how to discourage myself from that. Any ideas?
1 Answer
May 28, 2011
I cant help with any ideas to help. But it is comforting to hear that others have the same problem.

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