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hazeleyez , 30 May 2011

pickn insanity

I have a beautiful face and have piked it for the last 16yrs. I have been a recovering addict for the same amount of time. as I was doing some resarch on "neurotic excoriations" I found out that this is mental disorder that only can be sustained with therepy, medication-leproxisil,hypnosis and support. it has been a battling ling challenge to stop on my own. it has affected my self-esteem and self worth. I have tried numerous bleaching agents,facial products, creams and lotions. nothing works. i'm seeking help as we speak. I want it to stop. the little voices are always speaking to me. I isolate from enjoying the outdoors due to hands,legs and ankles are scarred. I am thankful for this forum because I found people just like me who can identify the emotional behavior. i'm in ohio seeking spport. does anyone know where support group is here in cleveland?

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