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petra , 01 Jun 2011

Just a few words from me

I believe i was 18 when i first started picking my face and i never even had a whitehead and never wore makeup. Everybody use to say ur skin is to die for. Im 33 years old. I moved from Europe to New York about 10 yrs ago thinking maybe that will make things better, all i need is a big change. Yeah ok whatever, that made it worse. I came across this site a few days ago and just started crying. I honestly thought i was the only one doing this to myself. Anyways there's so much i wanna say but im a horrible writer, just felt the need to put something down.
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June 03, 2011
hi there beautiful lady. I just found this site a few weeks ago myself. it was the best thing that happened for me. a place where I could share about this disease called OCD- obsessive and compulsive disorder with addictive behavior also known as Neurotic Excoriations(nervous condition in the psyche where there is a chemical imbalance. this compulsive behavior allows me to disfigure myself, seeking to perfect my imperfections by concentrting on flaws that no else can see but me. this very ugly habitual has labled me to have low self esteem, no self worth, shame, guilt, and social isolation. I have no pimples or acne, but my left cheek and chin has been scarred for the last 16yrs. I didn't have a name until I went on website for neurotic excoriations, than to the trichollamina learning center site. I was so overjoyed that the anxiety feared me so, I was scared to come in my house. I have been going to therepy, reading self help books on how to love self, I share my disease with people who won't judge me, I got fidget toys, gloves, timer for bathroom,I wash face with hands and over the counter pill from GNC called NAC-600 N-acetyl -L-Cysteine to cave the psyche urges and impulses. im grabbing this bull by the horn to do something different. trying any and everything. don't nothing beat a failure but a try. im sick and tired of being sick and tired. go to trichollamina website, they can direct you to couseling in your state. welcome home. to place where we do understand. love ya! we can, I can't!

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