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Mapgirl86 , 01 Jun 2011

Neurotic Excoriation

This site. This information. All of these people who truly understand everything I've been through and currently going through. It's overwhelming. Wonderful. And terrifying. Reading all of these posts about the compulsion of picking and scratching, the guilt of being caught, the revulsion of self, the pain of a an act as simply getting clean in a's so much to take in. I'm 25 and have been suffering from neurotic excoriation since I was in second grade. Of course up until now I didn't know what is was. For the past 16-17 years it was just severe eczema and allergies. I'm not sure where this journey will go from here. If I'm brave enough to tell my loved ones. Or seek help..whatever help I may need. I want to be normal..or at least to look that way. To be able to wear flip-flops and shorts without feeling ashamed. To not be scared to take a shower because it will be agony. To not have to see the concern in my loved one's eyes after a session. I have a name for it. Now what do I do?
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June 02, 2011
well that's great, you took the first step, it has a name'' yes its all in the psyche. the neurons in our brains aren't clicking the way they should. to help I suggest a psychiatrist who can presribed medication(SSRI's) . fidget toys, acylic nails, self help books of how to love self. a timer to time yourself out shower, wash face wit hands, keep hands at all times below shoulders. they have over the counter pill at GNC called NAC- n acetyl -l-Cysteine . it help to cave the urges and impulses . journal and log times when you feel yourself picking, write down emotion( I do know that you don't need emotion, it just happens) i'm just like you! found this site a few weeks ago and have been so elated with support. you know this more than bad habit, its a mental disorder with obsessive and compulsive behavior. stay out the mirror, close bathroom door. I have been seeking help with Psychtherepist who does deep relaxation(Hyppnosis) I have suffered forver with this, but I chose to do something different. to love myself. tell yourself when start- i'm hurting me, I don't want to scar my skin, i'm beautiful*nd deserve to be happy with the skin i'm in. you can do it.,no results overnite, minute by minute, hour by hour, turn to days. I believe in you and know as a team we can reach our goal to love ourselves as others do. I had to adress all issues and i'm trying any and everything. one day at a time, this disease can be combated. go to web site www.trichollamina learning it will help you with more information. love you! let me know progress. Remember We Can, I Cant.!!!

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