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anna11 , 03 Jun 2011

i'm trying to stop, but the scars are a constant reminder

as of about 1 month ago, i've really made an effort to stop this horrible thing. almost all of my sores are healed up and i feel great about that. i think reading on this site has preally helped because i've realized that i'm not the only person out there who has this problem and it makes me feel better about talking about it. but every time i look down at my body all i see are the scars and it stresses me out and makes me want to pick more. i've really tried to accept the fact that they're there and i should be confident anyway, but it's tough when all i see, especially now in the summer time, are girls with perfect skin and legs. it's tough and these scars are really horrid and darker than normal, especially on my legs, thighs and arms. does anyone have any good tips for how to get them to fade or look less apparent? thanks in advance!
2 Answers
June 03, 2011
I used bio-oil. Its supposed to help scars but you have to apply is 3 times a day. Also exfoliate your skin in the shower (any body scrub) and also use a fade cream. You can find these things at any walmart. hope this helps.
June 04, 2011
I couldve written that myself. I kno sweetie. Aleo vera lotion-very good bt dont use too often. Francencense oil in a basin-1 drop. Both effective over time used moderatly x x

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