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lilaxlion , 07 Jun 2011

i was doing so good...till i wasn't again.

i went six days without picking anything but today i went into the bathroom saw a black head and by the end of it i had picked my whole face and chest apart. i cant help but hate myself for falling back to it. :(
2 Answers
June 11, 2011
It always sucks to come out of that "picking high" and realize what you've done to yourself. But personally I'm impressed that you were able to stop for 6 days, I've never been able to go that long! Just imagine if you could add an extra day of not picking each time before you binge. For example, you went six days, then had a pick-fest. Now try for seven days. Then eight, etc. I wouldn't plan to completely stop picking overnight, that's very overwhelming and too large a goal. Just push yourself one more day, one more day, one more day, and imagine when you get to a month between picks! As for the blackhead triggering it all, try going to the bathroom in the dark, covering up/taking away mirrors, only using the mirror once in the morning to do your hair, etc. Hope I helped a bit, good luck!
June 12, 2011
Same here, im so pissed. Back to isolation. God im so tired of living like this:(

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