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MLEE , 08 Jun 2011

Temporary Control

Well I have been picking for a very long time, as all of you have. But Ive never had time, or the tolerance to just stop myself. While I was in school, I never had time to completely stop when there were scabs and bumps on my face. I just had to keep my face flawless in the public eye. Now that I'm done with high school, I have committed myself to stop. This is my plan, so im assuming not everyone can do this. Anyways, every day i put on gloves, hah i know this seems extremely weird, but it works for me. Id notice as soon as i took off the gloves, within a few seconds, id start touching my face and feeling every flaw and scab on my face. But with these gloves on, i no longer feel the problems. I talked to my parents about it and they agreed that this will be a good thing. It will also help with my fingernail/ cuticle biting habit that i have been doing since i was little. Im hoping i can keep it up until i no longer feel the need to touch my face. 6 days and counting! Good luck to everyone else fighting the battle!

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