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NiceOnTheIce , 11 Jun 2011

Weird way to satisfy the need to pick acne/kp.

I came upon a weird way of satisfying my need to pick. Long story short, I watched a video of someone popping a boil, and although it was disgusting (almost made me wanna puke at some points), it almost felt like I had just popped a really good kp bump on my arm or zit on my face! Just seeing the person squeeze that bump over and over and watching that icky puss explode/ooze out of the guy's back made me feel a lot better. Don't ask me why, it just did! It's not foolproof (what is??) but I've found it useful on some occasions, especially when I was CONSCIOUSLY picking. So if you're desperate, give it a try! And if anyone has any other weird ideas, feel free to add them on! Good luck.

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