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zacch , 11 Jun 2011

I'm new and need help!

Hi guys, I'm 20 years old now and since I was a little girl I had this compulsive need to bite my mouth from inside and pick my skin specially on my hand fingers. I have destroied 3 nails so far and they won't grow normal. I also pick little acnes and I have lots of scars, not only on my face, but in my feet too. What can I do? I tried to stop many times and I'm truly ashamed of showing my hands and my feet, and I use tons of make up to cover the scars in my face. Please, help me! What do you do to stop?
1 Answer
June 12, 2011
hey, you are not alone. i suggest doing all your resarch on neurotic excoriations, obsessive/compulsion disorder. on this one site called "Trichollamania Learning Center, i found a support group for hairpullers/pickers, than i found this other site called "", and they both have been very helpful in the awareness of how/why. check it out. than for scar treatment, i went to, i ordered this silicone gel-buy 2,get 1 free. it was suggested by this dr. who you can text for help. can't wait to get it,cause i trully beleive its gonna work.its called "medliten or scarpin" is another. i have been reading self help books and learning to love the little girl inside. i also been going to therepy having hypnosis done, playn with fidget toys to keep hands busy. because of the long history of this habitual, addictive,obessive,compulsed, mental disorder for the last 20yrs i am trying every and any thing to combat this demon. i constantly tell myself that i'm deserving to love me and i am worthy of self love. you can do it and it will get better with effort. you mite fall but you will and can pick self up. oh and it an over the counter pill called NAC-(N-Acetyl-L-Cystine) it help to cave the urges and impulses. i will be chcking on you. Love ya!!!!

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