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tweety228 , 12 Jun 2011

lip picking

I have been picking my lips for almost 20 years. I hate it, but I can't stop. My lips hey dry and peel, so I pick. I have tried going to the doctor, but medicene makes me sick. Any advice???
4 Answers
June 12, 2011
Hey.. I have been biting my lips since I was very small. I don't know if it helps you, but I was always looking for a good lip balm that really makes my lips smooth so they don't peel and I don't even get the urge to pick them. However, I don't know which one might help you because I don't know how your lips react and where you live and if you could even be able to buy the lip balm that helped me. I'm gonna write the name in here, in case you know / can buy it. It's called "pure and natural - mints and minerals" by labello. It also helps the lips to heal faster if you picked i think, but I'm not sure... at least it feels like it does ^.^ I hope I could help you a little bit :) Kaddinx
June 13, 2011
Ty I will try it. I have tried everything else so it can't hurt :-)
June 14, 2011
Hi I used to pick and bite when I was younger but use Vaseline lip therapy regularly throughout the day which really helps :)

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