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Sandbox458850 , 13 Jun 2011

Scalp picking getting worse

I pick pretty much everywhere. My face, chest, ears, back, arms, hands, fingers, legs, and most recently, scalp. And it's getting worse. I have basically a hole on the top of my head and as soon as it scabs over I pick it off and make it bigger again. There are several sores on my head right now but that one is the worst. It's throbbing right now. I have an extreme fear of going bald and I'm scared. But I can't stop. Any advice?
4 Answers
June 15, 2011
You sound identical to me. I have the worst fear of going bald, and losing my hair, that I actually make myself more anxious, which causes more picking. I know it's probably not the best advice, because it's not fixing the problem, but when I pick at my scalp, and I notice I'm doing it, I automatically switch to my arms, or legs, or anywhere else but my scalp, and most of my scalp wounds are almost healed. Also, I keep my hands busy by going online and typing a lot, or drawing, or writing, or just anything that I can do to keep my hands away from my head. Either that or I go outside. I try to keep myself entertained at all times. So I'm never bored. So I never have the time to even reach for my scalp. The worst time for me is right before bed when I can't sleep. It's like a picking frenzy. But it's a step up from picking all day AND night. Just fill your day up with activities. :D
June 16, 2011
I am afraid I don't have any advice though I do know what you are going through on your scalp. I have a hole right now that I'm not letting heal and it's getting worse. It feels like there's a headache right there, in the hole. I think keeping hands busy is a great idea. For a while, Silly Putty used to work for me - I'd just sit there watching TV, manipulating the silly putty and it kept my fingers out of my hair and off my scalp. Hang in there!
June 23, 2011
You should be more afraid of getting migraines and infections. But there is hope. Try to find a therapist. Also, read my other comments, I include a lot of tips on how to distract yourself and what to use topically. Good luck! Please please please talk to your doctor. Get medical help. Sounds like you've got a bad case. Try using Cetaphil soap or just plain water for right now when you bathe and shower or bathe every day, making sure you rub your skin all over to get out the germs with a loofah or with your hand. - To get what you've never had - you have to do what you've never done. ~*~
June 23, 2011
Also covering up is a great idea. SOCKS. Long pants, long shirts, no cleavage, wear a regular neck Tee shirt to cover up your torso. Dress in plain but cool, clean, lightweight clothes in summer. Or~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ if you just want to focus on healing your scalp right now, wear hats all day long, hats, hoodies, scarves over your head, anything to stop you for at least 80% of the day. If you can reduce your amount of picking, that's progress. Good Luck!!! - To get what you've never had - you have to do what you've never done. ~*~

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