What if I don't want to stop? Am I sick?

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October 28, 2008

it is comforting, true. but dont you get tired of the comments from others. i never thought i would stop but i have. its a miracle. i got help from a psychologist. it was the best thing i have done for myself. i pick one stop. i have all the scares to remind me. now its only been a couple of weeks but it feels great. its like i dont even miss picking which seems really strange for me to say. you want to stop. you just dont know how to deal with those interfering feelings. think about why? something happen in your past? thats what my problem was. people around you will never understand. maybe your boyfriend doesnt even understand. my husband didnt. its scary to give up something youve done for so damn long. dont give up trying to stop. you wont regret it. Freeasever

December 07, 2008

i know what you mean... its kind of like a hobby i think. i love cutting the skin off my feet it feels kinda cool and its not like it hurts at all. i don't think its bad; the only reason you should stop is if it starts affecting you in any way.