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dommi9877 , 15 Jun 2011

Need help to stop!

I have been picking my fliners, nails, lips since i was 5 or . I am 16 now and I REALLY want to stop! I have tried a rubber band (but it looks like i cut) and i cant use it because it is summer and people will see my wrist. I have tried gloves but as i said it is summer and too warm to wear them. I told mom today and showed her the site and she looked at it and she was like its only cause your nervous and bored. Well it may be but at least i told someone that i want to stop. I don't think she will do anything about it except tell dad who will probably make fun of me tomorrow- which will make this worse! What can i do at home that may hel me stop? (my fingers are usually a LOT better in the summer, but once school starts it gets really bad!) I am always hiding my hands, and my lips i can't do much about but i do put lipgloss on them at night that makes them look better the next day. I tried to put stuff on my lips during the day but i don't want to take lipgloss with me 24/7 and i will just wipe it off and pick. Please help. what should i do?
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June 15, 2011
Can you find someone else who's got a similar habit and share/help each other? Bless your heart. I started my picking habit when I was probably 12 or 13. As I grew older, I used to dream of quitting by the time I turned 50. Well, here I am at 52! At times, I've stopped and thought I was "cured." Nope. For the longest time, I felt so much shame. PIcking at your fingers is more "socially accepted" than your feet. And I did both. But the latter just made me feel so ashamed! I even worried about a mortician seeing my ugly feet if I died. Isn't THAT kinda funny? If I go back further, I was a thumb sucker. Then I bit my fingernails. Then I guess I quit that and moved into picking. Always thought it was just a nervous habit (my father did it too and now I see my son doing it). But I've since learned there's a fancy long scientific name for what we do. Wow. Anyway, since I ran across this website, I've actually been reining myself in from picking. I haven't touched for heels for several days. You need positive reinforcement and support. I UNDERSTAND your frustration and longing to stop! I wish I could give you a magic formula. Heck I want one too! I've just tried really hard to be aware of what I'm doing, to calm the urges when they come and breathe deeply when they do. Let me know how you're doing. From what I've read, this condition CAN be changed. DON'T GIVE UP!!! OK?

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