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chemicalrainbows , 17 Jun 2011

Scalp Picking- my story and some tips.

I'm 16 years old and have picked since I was 11. it started when i started high school-and through stress I developed dandruff and then began to pick at the dandruff. Picking became soothing and relaxing, I didn't find it painful and as disgusting as it was i'd always feel more satisfied if i managed to pick a particularly big flake. After constant picking I'd create sores and then pick the scabs so the sores never really properly heal. I don't pick everywhere either- I have my "favourite spots". My picking became a lot worse when I developed a severe fear of vomit (emetophobia) the more anxious and terified I was the more I'd pick. Having said this I pick any time. I pick absent mindedly and it doesn't hurt- I only sometimes realise I'm doing it when I realise i have blood under my finger nails. If i begin picking I normally can't stop- so if I resist the urge to pick then I can keep it up for quite a while however fighting that urge is near impossible. After being treated for the phobia through hypnotherapy I asked my therapist about the scalp picking- he understood that it was a destructive bad-habbit rather than a form of self harm. And said it would be difficult to stop because picking moves me into 'trance'. And he's right time passes so quickly and i forget what I'm doing once i begin scrathching at my head, similarly to when I'm in trance during a session of hypnosis. But I'm determined to stop- as I find it embaressing and I dusgust myself. So I have been finding ways to stop or at least delay myself from picking: - Firstly i realised that I normally picked more vigourously if I was going to wash my hair later that day- that way it didn't matter if my hair got greasy with me touching it constantly because I'd be washing it soon. I recently got my hair dyed red, the dye fades quickly with each wash, so i force myself to try and go three days without washing my hair. So this forces me to go three days without too much picking. So to stop myself picking too much over those days I try and fasten clips in my hair over my 'favourite spots' to barricade them from my hand. This is okay at home as I need to fasten many clips over one place to stop all enterances so it's not great when I go out. I also try wearing a hat- I found that a hat that if I can put all my hair up into the hat this method works a lot better as I don't have the urge to touch my hair as I can't see or feel it. I've tried using a stress ball to dig my nails into but it isn't satisfying enough. I've also tried cutting my nails very short and painting my nails with a thick coat of nail vanish to put me off picking but that hasn't worked either. One of the strangest things i've done to stop myself picking was painting my hand in PVA glue so i could pick it off when it dried. And othre suggestions on how to break this habbit?
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June 23, 2011
Oh yeah, I forgot. I used leg waxing wax and peeled that off, it was fun. I love getting my legs waxed, my eyebrows and underarms too. It makes me feel so clean!

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