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mydarlingjulez , 18 Jun 2011

Thumb picking?

I'm 17 years old and ever since I can remember I've been picking my thumbs. My mom has always hounded me to stop and people have always asked and it never fails to be a problem. I don't know why I do it and none of the possibly reasons why seem to fit, except the stress but that can't always have been the main factor considering I don't even know when or why I started, it's just always been something I've done. Can anyone else relate?
2 Answers
June 22, 2011
Hi :) I'm also 17 and can't remember the day I started picking my thumbs. It's like I've been doing it all my life. Although I do remember a gap in which I didn't pick. And one day it just came to my mind again and I couldn't stop ever since. So, yes, I can relate ^^ Also, I caught my mother doing the same.. not as bad as I do it, but still. Maybe it's something you adapt from your parents or a role model. But that's only a theory.. ;) I have no clue why I do it. It can be very releaving when I'm stressed, but I can also just pick because I'm bored or concetrated or just because the skin is very dry. ( I also bite my lips and the insides of my cheeks, that's another story.. but do you do that, too?)
July 09, 2011

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Right?!? I can't ever remember a time in which I was picking. I pick for about the same reasons you suggested lol. I don't think it could be a role model though, when I was little I thought it was just something sick and twisted that only I did and I was always so ashamed and embarrassed when people would ask about my thumbs. I bite too though, I don't know if you do too? Yeah like when theres dead skin, or I grind and clench my teeth....I don't even realize that I do it half the time....or like when somone says something, I have to mimick it with grinding my teeth. I hate this sooo much because I never fullfil the goal so I sit there and grind over and over trying to get the right beat or whatever, its awfuly strange

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