should i be seeing a psychologist or something?

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October 25, 2008

keeping this to yourself is probably the most difficult thing. if you can't tell your friends or family yet then at least start with talking to people on here. Im here to to listen and help if you want. as for a professional...well actually i think i need to hear more about your behaviors before i give a recommendation. so feel free to email me

October 28, 2008

go see someone! if you are ready to talk a psychologist will listen. it helped me. i feel so free not having so many urges to pick. i have one that i still pick and the scares to look at. do it see someone, get your life back. it feels great to realize why i pick. i pick because of anger from my past. i didnt realize that it was anger before. i just thought it was everyday stress. you have to find the inner problem before you fix the outer problem. my thoughts are with you. all the best, freeasever

November 05, 2008

dear whathaveidone, for 5 years i have picked and didnt see any reason why a psychologist could help me. i thought it was everday stress. i was sexually abused by a neighbor when i was 6 till about 8. my parents didnt tell me that this wasnt the way to be i felt it was wrong but had no idea what it was. i told my mother when i was 12 and she didnt believe me. then she had my youngest brother 12 years difference between us and she didnt want to look after him. i was 12 getting up through the night heating a bottle and feeding a baby when my dad was at work. i was very angry that someone (my mom) could do this to a child. i did not have much of a teenage life. i have always been the responisible one. whats even worse is that my mother lives in a glass box. she is always right and the world is wrong. if i did 93 on a test in school it was"if you studied more you could have made a 100". i thought that was a pretty good mark. i graduated high school with an 84 average and got married when i was 20. now i am 34 and have 2 beautiful children which i will never treat them the way my mom did me. going to a psychologist and talking to a proffesional was the best thing i have ever done. my picking was because of the anger from my past. i know that my mom is not the type of person to admit that she is wrong so my psy. told me to write a letter to her telling her how i feel. of course she will never get that letter. she would not understand. it helped to read it outloud and see it on paper to make me understand what i have been going through. my picking stopped for 2 weeks and i have started to pick a little but not as much as i did. i seem to be able to stop my self better than i ever could. i know that when i pick i am angry. i dont yell, i am very easy to get along with and will do anything for anyone, within reason as long as it is not taking advantage of me. so that is my story. maybe a psy cant help anyone quite completely in a short time but they can give you the tools to deal with it. it does help. i really like the psy that i went to she was really good and understanding. not judging me for my habit. all the best to you. freeasever (maybe)