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pink1 , 21 Jun 2011


hello, wow i've finally found people who do what i do, so luckly i've found this site. i really thought i was the only person who did this to myself as no one else around me does it or have ever seen anyone who does it. i only pick my thumbs and as i've done it for a few years now they're becoming quite pink in colour and more people are starting to notice, i don't like others noticing my thumbs as they look painful. they aren't painful but sometimes get a little sore when cut or bleeding. think this is why i continue to do it as i don't feel it. i've noticed in the past few years as i've started thinking about it more that its stress thats is making me do it, often i only notice it at its worsed when its too late and i'm bleeding. after reading most peoples posts on here i'm now worried that in the years to come that i'll move on to other areas of my body.

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