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colemak , 23 Jun 2011

2 hours to get ready! I'm over it!!!!!

I've been picking compulsively since about the age of 19. I'm 34 now. My daily routine is getting longer & longer. I now take anywhere from 1 1/2 hrs to 2 hrs daily to get ready!!!!! Do you know how much of my life that takes off? I have lengthy daily rituals. When I get out of the shower I always have the lights off so I'm not tempted to pick my skin. I even put half of my makeup on in the dark. Then there's the dry skin flakes that I must pick off with tweezers so that my face appears to be smooth & flawless. I sometimes pick at the pores and/or blemishes on my face even after I've applied my makeup. Then there's the body......after I'm done with my face I move on to my body. I often mutilate my body (chest, back, shoulders, or upper arms) before I'm even dressed. Then I cover my body in self-tanning lotions & makeup to conceal the damage I've done. Most people aren't aware of my flaws b/c I spend SO MUCH time covering them. But I really cannot take this anymore!!!!! I have a lively 18 month old daughter but the majorities of my Saturday AM's are spent in the bathroom covering up my disorder & imperfections. Such a shame........

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