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iggabuggaboo , 23 Jun 2011

2 Products -Cheap from the Drugstore that WORK

1.My dermatologist gave me a cream that is nearly the same as LOTRIMUN ULTRA which is for "jock itch" and "foot fungus" so I was embarrased to buy it - I am a girl, I do not have Jock Itch! Gross. Anyways. Who am I to judge, I guess. I put in on two trouble spots on my scalp and the urge to pick at them has been greatly reduced. I am doing great. ***You are not supposed to put it on your scalp. But I said, screw it, it works for me. ***I am not a doctor, this is not medical advice. ---- 2. Hydrogen peroxide - pour it on a closed scab until there are white bubbles ( a capful ) - my nurse did this to a cut on my arm, so there is no harm. However, I would not put it on my scalp because I believe it is more sensitive and being so close to the brain I am afraid of getting a massive migraine if I do this. ***Again, I AM not a doctor!!! and this is not medical advice. Use your own judgment. It helps relieve an itchy sensation that I hadn't realized was there. I thought my picking was entirely pyschotic (?) pyscho-emotional (?) what-have-you. But I think you are eliminating certain Fungi and Microbes when you use these two things. I alternate them, I use them on different days, never together, I don't want to use too many products and overwhelm my body. 3. I have in the past used a skin care regimen of using Daily Cleansing Bar by Cetaphil as my bath soap and nothing else except a topical application all over my body of a prescription cream called Epiduo but I have taken a break from that regimen right now because the worst of my breakouts cleared up nicely after a few months of that. Now I am using Lever 2000 and just spot treating. I also just bought a cool white skirt that I hope will keep the bugs at bay and me cool during the hot humid summers of NC. G o o D * L u c K to everyone. ! . ! . ! MORE INFO: 1. The cream from my Derm. Dr. is called Locoid Lipocream. The active ingredient is "hydrocortisone butyrate .1%" I looked at the Lotrimin Ultra bottle, it says the active ingredient is "butenafine hydrochloride cream 1%" antifungal. 3. Epiduo is made up of two active ingredients: "adapalene and benzoyl peroxide" Gel .1% and 2.5% respectively.

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