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classyjassy21 , 23 Jun 2011

Summer Time Mission

Mission: to not pick at face for a month!! I know it seems long but we can do it, whose with me? Start Date: June 23,2011 Keep each other updated for support, I'm hear for you.... WE CAN DO IT!!!!!! ENCOURAGE EACH OTHER TO SUCCEED!!!!!
4 Answers
June 27, 2011
I'm with you on this one :) only seen this today so today will be my starting day :) how well have you done so far? I'm 18 and cannot stop myself from picking my face, arms and chest. I need to stop this :(
June 28, 2011
I've never thought about joining any online forums for picking, this is a great idea! I will spend hours in front of the mirror in the bathroom, or really any time I get access to a mirror and no one else is around. It's like my dirty little secret, except people can clearly see I pick at my's so embarrassing!!!! I only saw this post today, so I will try from this day on. A month here I come (fingers crossed!!!!!)
June 28, 2011

In reply to by Meandmyself

I'm so glad I have been able to find others like you who are in the exact same situation as me! I have always felt so alone! I had a slight blip yesterday when I said I would start my month not picking so I am starting today with you :) keep me updated :) x
June 28, 2011
I'm in. I've been slowly trying to stop for a few weeks now, and my skin is SO much better. I allow myself to carefully get rid of painful spots on my face with a clear white head because otherwise I scratch at it all day, and I think that's probably worse for my face, but I'm going to be really strict about everything else. It's so nice to not panic that I've forgotten my make up bag half way to work. Going to jump in with this to try and break the habit once and for all. My goal is to try and not start closely examining my face in the bedroom mirror. I've gotten rid of all other mirrors in the house and small ones from my handbag, which has helped MASSIVELY. Good luck to everyone. Lets beat this once and for all.

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