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dylan , 25 Jun 2011

not doing it

I am trying not to pick my scalp tonight. I've put lotion on it which is helpful. I almost feel like i have to hold my hands down, against their will. Then when I do NOT do it, I get a crazy weird sensation in my scalp like energy moving around... anyone ever felt this? I have been free of ths behavior for several weeks now and will NOT be restarting, but tonight is a challenge!
2 Answers
June 25, 2011
Dylan, I know exactly how you feel. The moment I tell myself I won't pick, the more I feel like I need to - I get this sensation like my skin is crawling. When I make a conscious effort to stop, even just for a day or so, I wear a hat or my hair up, keep my finger nails ridiculously short or use lotion...anything to deter me from picking. It's sooo hard though when your scalp feels like it's constantly tingling. You said you've been free of this behavior of this behavior for a few weeks - that's already an amazing feat. Good luck tonight!
July 05, 2011

In reply to by cookiemonster

When I don't pick at my arms (that's where I do it) I get that sensation- almost like they want to be searched and prodded. Like they can't just be on their own. It sounds so stupid ugh. Are you usually alone also? I notice that when I have someone hold me or around me it's not so bad but there's only 1 person who wouldn't balk at the sight of me. It sounds like you've gone for a while without picking great job.....hope you keep it up.

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