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Bsktstac03 , 02 Jul 2011

Brought to tears when finding this site.

I can't even explain if it's joy, or sadness after realizing it's real. I've always known I had a "problem" with extreme skin picking, but I thought I was alone or just crazy. My family would notice the picking and horrible scars on my body and scream at me to stop ... as if it was just that easy. I didn't know it had a name or there was anyone else, until I found this site tonight. I have been picking at every inch of my skin since I was 7 yrs old. Primarily at my arms, face, legs and recently my chest/breasts. I am now 27 and my whole body is scarred and disformed from head to toe. I am so ashamed of what I have done that I wear long sleeves and pants in the hundred degree summer weather to cover it up. I know what I'm doing is wrong , I know it's going to hurt and scar later, but I can't overcome the crazy urge to pick. I often do it without even noticing. I literally start picking and get lost in it for hours EVERY DAY, almost like a black out, not even noticing 3 hours has gone by and I am still standing in front of the mirror ... picking. It's ruining my life. I am starting to develop hermit like behavior because I don't want to leave the house because I am so ashamed of what I've done, or that some one will see it. A woman at my work saw my full arm on accident today, she told me it looked like I had a severe case of chicken pox or leprosy ... it brought me to tears, which lead me to finally realize I need help. Please help me ... what medications, behavioral rememdies, creams, lotions etc have worked for anyone in this situation? Where did you even begin to start fixing this? I am so desperate for answers...
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July 03, 2011
Hello, I feel like we've been living the same life. My family especially my mother have already told me to stop picking my skin because it's disgusing looking. I too have scars on my face, legs, arms, and breast. But I also have it on my stomach, butt and shoulders part of my that's every inch of your body. I can't leave my house without a cardigan on and long pants. I'm known at work as the "cardigan girl' because that's all i wear no matter the temperature. I dread when summer comes around. I see all those women with perfect skin and I wonder why I can't have that. So then I get depressed and don't want to leave my house. When I do, I'm always asked why do I have long sleeves on or a cardigan. I'm so tired of making excuses in order to avoid the real reason. Now I'm hoping there is a real solution to this problem to help me stop picking at my skin.
July 05, 2011

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I wear long sleeves and pants all year also!! No one knows the truth though- I just tell them I don't want to get skin cancer so they think I'm some kind of health zealot. I cover my hair with a scarf, wear sunglasses, long sleeves the whole 9 so people wont' see my face, my arms, my neck. I'm 21 and when I do go to school and see those girls with perfect skin I want to slit my hands off. I try to always keep myself covered but at night I have to take a shower and that's when it hits. I always say "I'm not going to pick" but end up doing it. I'm starting new again tonight and hope I can last this time. I'm just happy to see I'm not alone with this awful habit and not completely insane.
August 04, 2011
Hey there girlie, i know what its like to think you are alone !If you want to chat email me at it would be nice to have someone to talk to :(

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