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destroyx , 04 Jul 2011

Please someone out there who understands

I am so happy that I'm not alone in this hell. I've done this for 6 YEARS- I've worn long sleeves since I was 15, I'm almost 21 and I want to stop so bad but I can't. I do it to my arms and recently my face so haven't gone outside for weeks. I'm losing my friends and I'm too embarrased and BROKE to get help. My mom wants to bring me to a dermatologist again...but I've already taken pills for something I didn't have and don't want to do that again. What do I do please someone help me. PLEASE.
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July 04, 2011
Hey I completely understand. I'm almost 21 as well (1 week- holla!) and I remember this time last year I tore my face apart so bad I refused to leave my apartment. I remember sitting alone in my living room watching The Notebook as I heard fireworks popping all over town outside. It was the most lonely and isolated feeling I think I've ever known. Right now my face looks pretty good, aside from two blemishes that are probably cystic acne. (I've been limiting my intake of Concerta for my ADHD, which is a huge trigger.) Is there anything you want to talk about?
July 05, 2011

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Thanks for replying :) This is like a huge stone being lifted from my chest. I'm here alone and I wish I were with my friends downtown watching fireworks. They think I don't like them anymore too because I just can't go outside. It's 80+ degrees out this time and year...long sleeves look really stupid. Not only that but my FACE is awful. I know the scars won't go away for months. I feel so hopeless and it makes me want to crawl in a hole and die. I just showered and put lotion on my arms....I hope my wounds will heal this time. I just wish I didn't have this on my body it makes me so frustrated.
July 05, 2011

In reply to by destroyx

I'm sorry you're alone. I know right after I pick my face apart, I always wish I could just rewind time a few hours and go back to when my face looked normal. Have you ever tried a product called bio oil? It's supposed to help with scars. It hasn't done too much for mine, but it makes my face glow and it softens hard scabs a little bit.

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