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Dbintheuk , 05 Jul 2011

I want to help my friend but she refuses! Please help me.

hi all, I'm David and I live in Bedfordshire in the UK. I am desperately trying to find some help to help my friend. She is 28 years old and really struggling with her skin and stress. For as long as I've known her she has covered up her arms and neck because she scratches and picks at her skin. She does it a lot throughout the night. And when she is stressed she increases the intensity. It's has got to the point where just moving hurts. Every part of skin on her arms and hands has tiny cuts in the skin. Each one about 1cm long. It's like a form of torture. She has tried sone times to cure it but it's been 7 years now and she is on the verge of giving up. She currently only eats fresh cooked food, no preservatives or added flavourings. Her diet is basically potatoes, chicken, veg and rice. She drinks loads of water and takes various tablets to help. She takes something called SBG enzymes and oils including hemp oil. She has been diagnosed with OCD, she is worried about catching germs so washes her arms and hands all the time. She has been told she has allergies to moisturiser so has to use paraffin wax to help moisture stay in the skin. She thinks she is a freak and doesn't deserve to be happy. I just want to help her and help her get her life back. She won't get a job because she thinks people will point and laugh, she says she has given up. I refuse to let her and want to help her see what I see in her. Please help me.......
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July 06, 2011
Has she tried any types of cognitive therapy to understand what stresses in her life cause her to do this?

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