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classyjassy21 , 08 Jul 2011

back & chest pickers unite

I am a chest & back picker, I'm so insecure about it that I never wear sleeveless shirts, go to the pool or amusement parks!! Everyone says I m a buzzkill, please help me not feel alone & and help me with new regimens and or skin healing secrets you may have. Hope to hear from you soon. Love you dolls muah.
4 Answers
July 09, 2011
I pick my chest and back as well as almost everywhere else. I do ballet so I feel really exposed having to wear a leotard most the time. Plus I hate going swimming so I feel your pain. Anyway I understand and I'm here to talk (:
July 09, 2011
Do you have a product? Because I have marks. Which makes it embarrassing.

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