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classyjassy21 , 08 Jul 2011

products, products, products & more products

I've used everything under the sun from Proactiv to Clinique so question is, "WHAT THE HELL WORKS? ?" I'm tired and very insecure. So I'm ready to take control of my life!!!!!
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July 11, 2011
HI there Jassy- I thought I would send you some thoughts. I have also been in your situation, MANY, MANY times. I finally after years of so much shopping for products found the exact things that I know help my skin. I actually have written some stuff on my blog too, which is I am trying to document as much as I can but I thought I would tell you what helps me. I am a very holistic person so all of what I used are things I could actually eat. I won't put anything on my skin that has weird chemicals in it. So what I am using currently is Raw Manuka Honey (you can find this at Whole Foods, or any natural health market, or online. You can get regular local raw honey too, it is just that Manuka honey is highly anti-bacterial in comparison with normal raw honey). You can do honey masks (this will help you to not pick) and you can use it as a regular face wash. It is refreshing and so nourishing to the skin. I also use Living Libations Best Skin Ever Seabucktorn. It is an oil that can cleanse, tone and moisturize the skin. It is awesOMe! I always felt so weird about washing my skin with oil, but it is absolutely amazing. You can go to or and you will be able to find this product. It has given my skin the glow that I always thought was missing. And it actually clears up acne. I have been not picking for about two months, I have had some ups and downs, but I am finally on an upward slope and it is evening out my skin tone, and just leaves me feeling so clean and soft. Also to heal picked spots you can use the facial moisturizer from Suuthe at They use pure shea butter and emu oil and they are so healing and nourishing as well. Try to stay away from Proactiv and mainstream products, they just do not give you any good benefits, plus your skin is absorbing all of those chemicals that are in the products. I really hope this will help you in finding some new products and ways to treat your skin! Many Blessings! You will get there, don't worry. Just breathe and know your skin will get better.

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