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girlwithafever , 10 Jul 2011

tips for face pickers that really work!

So I've developed a new routine that has been giving me AMAZING results so far! My skin is quickly healing and i feel more confident than ever. 1) Water: This seems like the easiest thing in the world but actually its the easiest thing to forget. Keeping skin hydrated by drinking water is the best natural step ever. I find it hard to keep track of how much i drink, so lately i've been drinking 2 large smart water bottles a day, which is over 8 cups (the recommended amount a day). It's simple and great! 2) Flaxseed Pills: Flaxseed naturally promotes skin, hair, and nail health, and it works great for keeping skin clear. Not to mention my hair is healthier than ever! 3) 3 Step Face Cleansing: This is the way my grandmother washed her face in the 60s because she was really poor, but turns out this poor mans solution is pure genius! It's mostly natural, so you're avoiding the harsh chemicals that name brand face washes put in their products. There are 3 separate steps. Step one is to take pure oatmeal oats and blend them in a blender or a food processor until they are semi-fine (not completely fine and still containing a few chunks). Then, you mix this with a little warm water and apply to your face. It's a little messy, but it's a great natural exfoliant that will clear away all dead skin. Step two is to mix a dime-sized amount of baking soda with warm water and apply to face, avoiding your eyes. Let it sit for about 30 seconds and rinse. The final step is the messiest- but most rewarding: Apply RAW honey (no flavors or sugars added!) to your face and let it sit for three minutes. Then rinse with warm water. Then, voila! Although the process is a bit messy it it 100% worth it as it naturally balances out your skin without over moisturizing or overdrying. Also, it's SUPER cheap! 4) Green Tea: This natural antioxidant rich drink is amazing for skin and body. It works to purify from the inside out. I drink one glass every night before i go to bed. Not only is it relaxing and good for my skin, it's yummy too! (add a couple spoonfuls of honey-mmmm) 5) NO SWEETS NO SODA!!!!!!!!!!! I cannot stress this ENOUGH!!!!!! As soon as i cut out candy, junk food, soda and fast food out of my diet i saw INSTANT results. That stuff is TOXIC and it wreaks absolute HAVOC on your face. Sorry for all the caps haha but i really want to scream this at some people! IT IS SO IMPORTANT! Eating right is the first and foremost step to beautiful skin. Being healthy on the inside ultimately affects your outsides (duh!) so if you eat natural, antioxidant rich food, your skin will thank you! (great foods to try: blueberries, blackberries, plums, whole wheat bread, greek yogurt, and so much more!!!) With these three things your skin will be clear, hydrated, and acne-free in no time, and soon there will be no flaws to pick at! It's worked for me and it will WORK for you! (For scabs and wounds, hydrogen peroxide and neosporin go a loooonnngggg way) Tips To Avoid Picking: The best way to stop picking is to find out when you pick most. I discovered I do it most at night when i'm on the computer or watching tv, after i take a shower, and first thing when i wake up. To kick the habit, I cut my nails and filed them down to hardly nothing (unsightly, sure, but i'd rather have a perfect complexion than perfect nails!). Then, whenever i get the urge to pick, i simply pick up my nail file (which i always have with me) and go to town. Soon, the restlessness in my hands goes away and i forget that i ever wanted to even touch my face. Also, i find when i'm alone on the computer or watching tv- which lets be honest, we spend a lot of time on facebook dont we!- its incredibly difficult NOT to pick. So i simply apply a honey facial and let it sit for as long as i want. it wont dry out your skin and is actually super good for you. it also prohibits you from picking because of the sticky-ness. just be sure to pull your hair back! The final thing i do is yoga and exercise. I know we've all heard it a thousand times but trust me it's REALLY important. If i feel like picking i just throw on some music and do a 100 crunches or some yoga or i go to the gym. Not only is it good for my skin and to keep my preoccupied so i wont pick, it's also very good for self esteem and anxiety- the 2 main reasons we pick. Anyways, i hope you took the time to read this and start doing some of these things. I am seeing results and I couldn't be happier! Dealing with this is a struggle, but i know it's possible to WIN and be happy with beautiful, clear skin. Stay strong! xo, E
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July 12, 2011
This was so helpful and encouraging to hear. I truly thought I was the only one with this problem. I'm going to try some of your ideas! Thanks so much for posting this!

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