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shadow , 10 Jul 2011

Mood Enhancer

Hi everyone! I have stopped picking my skin for a few months now. I changed up my diet, starting exercising a little more, and really just changed how I viewed my life. I remember once getting advice from a family member, "If you believe you are happy, you will be happy". So I wrote out what little goals I wanted to accomplish and set out to do them. the more I kept busy, the happier I was and the less I picked. It was amazing to see the change within myself. However, I am a teenager so I do have crazy hormones. My mom got sick of my moodswings lol and we were walking around Costco and picked up Narcol Mood Enhancer. It comes in a purple bottle and is a plant derived dosage of amino acids to increase serotin level in the body. I just started taking it and did some research on it. Not only does it help keep my emotions in check, it also helped with anxiety/ panic attacks. This has been helping to prevent my picking habit and I thought maybe it could help someone else out there, too.

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