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Ghost_Danse , 11 Jul 2011

Just finished a session

Hi I've posted here maybe once. I'm not big on posting my personal life on the internet,but I just finished a "session" as I referred to it. I'm feeling lousy and depressed and this is just making it worse. I have what I believe to be KP(keratosis pilaris), and it causes breakouts that very much resemble acne, it does nothing for ones self esteem, which I lack anyway. So for a committed picker, it's like Christmas when a breakout occurs.I've been feeling run down due to poor diet lately, and am all around feeling awful. I'm turning 30 soon and I am, despite the odds, going to figure out a way to overcome this. But for the time being I just want to scream. I'm tired of having skin all broken out and red and just sickly looking and am sick of having scabs and sores. Now I just feel all dirty and rotten.

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