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hellochick , 11 Jul 2011

Skin Picking (& new to the forum!)

Hello, for the past 7 years I’ve had this habit or shall I now say ‘addiction’ where I pick and pick at my skin. Im now nearly 18 and I think it must have started when going through puberty, I suffered from spots quite a bit on my face and big time on my back. I used to squeeze them because I could never stand the puss. I now barely suffer from getting spots on my face or back. But I do on my arms, they’re not your typical white head spots, they’re little pimple type spots, hard to explain. But I sit in the bathroom, where the light is really bright, and pick and squeeze so much. In the end my arms are in so much pain, so sensitive and really red. You would never in a million years catch me in a short sleeved t-shirt, even in the summer, im having to wear light ‘ponchos’ and have to find clothing that covers your arms but still are able to wear in the summer (which of course is hard to find). It’s usually just been the tops of my arms, and slightly on my back. Im now finding myself picking the bottom part of my arms, my legs (mainly top part) and the pores on my breasts/chest area (and nipples, not nice I know) my legs aren’t that bad, at times they can be, but you would still never catch me in shorts. I also pick at the blackheads on my nose, I can sit and do this for up to an hour and I can pick my arms and rest of my body for up to two hours. I once went for a shower at around 10pm and never came out the bathroom until around 2am. I then scrub and scrub my arms in the shower until they’re red raw. Because I feel this will get rid of ‘picky bits’ and there will be nothing to pick the next day and ill then cream my body with creams that are for dry skin. But I know deep down this isn’t much help. I say to myself all the time right im going to pick my arms, and this is going to be the last time, and so I make myself believe that and I think oh it’s the last time im going to do this so im going to make sure I pick and squeeze every little thing I possibly can, then the next day and the next day im doing it again. Im sitting here now in a way ‘excited’ to have my shower in a bit, because I just know that im going to pick and squeeze at my skin, I now know there’s just no stopping me either. I find when I don’t have my acrylics on I find it harder to squeeze, but im your typical girly girl and always have to have my nails done. I do think I have some form of OCD, im not too sure if this has anything to do with my skin picking but im a major perfectionist too. Friends and teachers can’t believe how neat my work is laid out at college, and how perfect my make up and hair has to be etc, and please don’t think it’s me being vein or anything lol. My bedroom is cleaned and tidied to perfection, and I feel the need to tidy and clean the whole house every day before I go out. I also used to pick my cuticles and around my nails until my fingers was bleeding and pluck and pluck at my eyebrows, but I no longer do this. Sorry for the essay, but it would be nice to know if there are many other people out there who are similar? Thank you for reading :’) - Mollie

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