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amgoingtochange , 19 Jul 2011

i am going to stop

hi i am 26 and have been picking at my skin especially my face for over 10 years. i have alot of scars and post traumatic hyper pigmentation scars and cant go anywhere without make up. i only discovered that other people have this problem a year ago and i am determined to stop. i have started using a mixture of jojoba oil, lavender and tea tree oil as my bedtime moisturiser to help heal moisturise and prevent breakouts. i just want to post on this forum as this is going to be day 1 no picking (did a little this morning cos am stressed at the mo). i used to pick alot at night but most of the time now i only use dim lighting wen going to bed and this helps but wen i put on a big light i spend hours in front of mirror. i get so upset! but i am goin to stop right here right now no excuses i can control this! i need to be strong. u have to do somethin for 30 days to make it a habit so if i can replace picking with something else healthier for 30 days den mayb that wud end it. any ideas any1? anyone else ready to stop???
41 Answers
August 04, 2011
I went 3 days without picking, but today i messed up and picked. not a whole lot, but still disappointing :(

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