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Xantara2 , 19 Jul 2011


Last week I went to CBT for the first time and told her about my skin picking, she immediately ruled it off as normal Teenage behaviour. I felt humiliated and embarrassed and now she just wants to do counselling sessions, but I don't want to talk about my passed I want her to address this problem and my fear of revealing my skin. I though that my skin picking was unique to me, it feels weird like a compulsion to do so and I always target my chest mainly and the tops of my inner thighs. I was so sure that this isn't normal, so I did my own research and found this site! Can someone please help me on how to tell her I think I have Dermatillomania without it seeming attention seeking? It makes me angry that I've been passed over like that and for it to be ruled as normal, I've even taken a photo of my chest after hours of picking, its more squeezing with me, should I show her? It's horrible, does anyone else feel sick after looking down all the time? and get headaches? Hours can fly by without me even realising I'm doing it and I never can get any work done. Thank you for reading, I'm so relieved that this is recognised. Any advice will be good, thank you again.
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July 20, 2011
ur rite not to just accept that this is normal. u should not be doing this to urself! ur worth more than this. if u are fed up and ready to stop i have started a thread 'i am going to stop' and i am determined to stop this picking craic. it wastes so much tme and with a bit of determination and willpower we can all stop!
July 21, 2011
Hey, if you feel like you have an OCD behavioral disorder like Dermatillomania or other Body Dysmorphic Disorder (BDD) symptoms, you may want to seek a different type of counseling, someone who specifically deals with these things. Don't let someone tell you this is normal behavior if you know its not! I recommend Dr. Katherine Philips, she is based out of RI Hospital but can reccommend doctors globally. She is the top doctor for BDD, which often deals with skin picking. I suggest asking your doctor or contacting Dr. Philips (easy to find her contacts on google) and telling them you are seeking a cognitive behavorial therapist who specializes in skin picking or body related compulsive disorders.

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