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lea14 , 21 Jul 2011

i need help

can somebody please give me some support to stop picking my face. i am an 18 year old girl and i have been doing it for years. i am ruining my skin i already have horrible scars and huge pores. i dont even want to imagine what my skin will be like when i am older. i need to stop now. i have tried so many times and i keep failing i have had therapy and seeked help from so many people even my family and nothing helps. sometimes i want to admit myself to a mental hospital because i feel like one day i am going to completely destroy myself. i get so upset when i pick. the whole time i am thinking "why am i doing this?" but it still isnt enough to get me to stop. i dont even have bad acne, i make my skin bad from squeezing and causing scabs and infections. i want to try again to do a challenge to stop picking and i want people to help me and do it with me. 30 days is far too long. the longest i have ever gone is a few days. for me one week will be a massive achievement. i need to stop i am ruining my life i am not achieving any of the things that i want to achieve and i am not the person i want to be. my general health is going downhill because of how depressed i get for days after squeezing. i really need support from people who understand. i am sick of pouring my heart out to people and asking for help only to realise that they have no idea how serious it is and think it is normal to squeeze at pimples. its not normal to spend 3 hours in the bathroom almost every night. i have waisted so much time and my relationships with my family, friends and boyfriend are going downhill fast. i have had enough i cant keep living like this i am desperate to stop i feel so weak and pathetic i wish i was someone else sometimes. somebody please help me to stop this i am ruining my life.
3 Answers
July 21, 2011
hi there i know exactly how u feel. i just joined this forum a couple of days ago and i have been picking at my face for years and years. but two days ago i decided to stop for good cos i am so tired of trying to stop and failing that i just decided i have to control this myself and stop. i am trying to cut down lookin in the mirror and have covered the mirror in the bathroom with toothpaste so that i cant really see my face wen i look in so its great and i dont be tempted to pick. i only use dim lighting going to bed and so i cant see enough to pick so take out ur light bulb and bin it. vitamin e is supposed to be good for skin and try drink lots of water. dont spend too much time cleaning ur face just a quick wash and try not to touch it too much. clench ur fist wen u feel like picking! da red marks will go down after a couple of days of not picking. i not doin a 30 day challenge cos i dont wanta pick after 30 days. i just wanta stop so i going try and not count or tick off any days that i succeed cos then i think i wud get too obsessed with that too. i hope this helps. i use jojoba oil, tea tree oil and lavender oil as a night time moisturiser. i have tried loadsa things and have loadsa products here at home including gycolic acid etc etc but nothing wil work if i keep destroying my skin so i cant blame anything on products. just try use somethin that ur comfortable with that doesn't require too much effort or time. dont let this ruin ur life anymore! ur young and shud enjoy life so let today be ur first day of freedom!!!
July 22, 2011

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thanks! i have actually spent over $1000 on skin care products and getting microdermabrasion and face peels. they actually help my skin but picking at it just ruins it all and makes it a huge waste of money. i feel like i need someone with me 24/7 to stop me from squeezing but at the same time i want to do it all by myself. it has been such a rollercoaster a few times i just want to give up and accept that i am someone who picks at my skin and just become ugly! but i dont want that to be me. i am going to try today to not pick at anything. the problem is that when i have squeezed the day before, there are so many more things to squeeze at today! like whiteheads etc. but i want to kick the habit all together so i guess that means no squeezing AT ALL not even whiteheads! i just dont want to give up this time i made a forum a few months ago about challenging myself to 2 weeks of not picking and failed then didnt come back on the site until yesterday because i felt so hopeless. i just dread the night time when it comes to washing all my makeup off :( yuck.
July 22, 2011

In reply to by lea14

i know its hard but u have to be strict and dont look in the mirror wen u take ur make up off. i stayin out of my room so i dont have look in the mirror and i keeping myself occupied. i not picking anymore!! by the sounds of it u wanta stop too.if i can you can!!!! there is so much more to life. dont be put off by ur failures tho just learn from ur mistakes. i have a few whiteheads and stuff that are tempting wen i look in mirror but i just pull away cos i dont wanta be that person anymore. i dont care wat my face looks like anymore good or bad but i just dont wanta be the one to blame for it. it will take a wile for scars to fade and i mite always have spots/indents but i dont care!! after 10 years of picking i realise that it is such a dirty unhygenic habit that creates more spots and makes me feel awful inside! u just need a bit of inner strength cos der is no magic cure u jst have to give it up!

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