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tremmsy , 21 Jul 2011


Help! Iv skin picked since i had remember, i started with around my fingers and then to the underneath of my feet and inside my lip. Im now 16 and i have not told anybody about this problem. iv noticed that around stressful times such as exams it gets really bad. i no longer pick around my fingers but on the underneath of my feet its getting really bad. Their is no way i can control it and it gets to the point were im bleeding badly and then i need to hide it from my family... which is hard to do when its so compulsive. If any body has any ideas please share im desperate!
1 Answer
July 24, 2011
hey im kay im 17 around ur age and i just want you to know that your not alone i pick alot too when im stressed but im trying to stop there is also a forum called i am going to stop its a group were people share there thoughts and opinions and we are all trying to stop together you should definitly join it will bring you alot of support hope this helps somewhat

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