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Jayden , 23 Jul 2011

i enjoy skin picking but its discusting to other ppl

i am 22 yrs old and have tourettes ive been a compulsive picker since i was a teen, i cant remeber doing it as a kid....i never knew there was a forum for this sort of thing i am happy that there is a site for this type of thing im not sure if ppl even come here guess i will find out i supose..i guess reality is skin picking isnt socially axcepted i know all to well on this..i am constantly told to stop picking i tell them i cant help it they just say yes u can...i pick at my arms and my chest and my face and belly and wherever sores just pop up i am also a self harmer but i dont beleive my skin picking is part of that i mean i enjoy both (morbid i know) esp the pick when the cutts start healing heheh but cutting isnt a "habit" where as picking seems to be i pick 24/7 every minute of the day my hands aint busy..i concentrate i pick,im distressed i pick,im angry i pick,im bored i pick if my handfs arnt kept busy i pick i even pick and smoke at the same time picking is one of the strongest urges i have and i cant stop its a very discusting enjoyable habit very soothing and relaxing. well i hope ppl still come here tc jayden

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