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serena , 26 Jul 2011

trying to stop!!!

hello my name Serena i am 13 and i have picked at my skin excessively for the entire 13 years of my life i didn't know that there were so many people with what i have i do want to stop but i honestly cant at this moment i have always been told its no big deal (skin piking) but everyone that has told me that hasn't been through it once you have you realize how serious this condishion is i am going to stop i have the confidence now and just a question do any of the people on here live in oklahoma
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July 29, 2011
no.. sorry sweetie i live in cali but it shouldnt matter where the person lives just knw that people are willing to help you with this no matter what ill be there for you i hope i can be a an encouraging person towards you and we can stop together
July 30, 2011

In reply to by kay

im very open to that. I was in burbank a couple of weeks ago. I am trying ot fins someone in oklahoma with this so i can maybe meet up i think i can stop if i have interaction with somone else like me. but i relized over the computer is enough lol i amready to stop i will *i will stop*
August 01, 2011

In reply to by serena

well lets just take it little by little...what do you love to do in your free time maybe you can use them as a distraction..for example i want to become a painter so wenever i feel the urge to pick i begin to wat do you enjoy doing?
August 01, 2011

In reply to by serena

mmm...okay well lets try something different...everytime you feel the need to pick i want you to come on to this site and talk about your day and in return i will do the same...lets see how this works out

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