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NZgirl , 27 Jul 2011

First time to this site

I don't know what type I have but I find myself picking my entire back, chest, face and scalp, I have learnt to do it less on my face and chest because peole notice but I am so sick of picking and I am getting scars. I have been doing it since my teens and I am now 24 :( ... I am so self concious of it, I can cover most of it with make up and got really good at hiding it but it would be so nice to feel comfortable in my own skin so to speak .... When I am tired it gets worse so I make sure I get enough sleep, when I pick a small amount of white stuff does come out and it's like I'm obsessed with getting the 'germ out' but then I only make things worse and more noticeable, on my back is the worst and almost daily I end up with blood spots on my pillow or sheets ... I've learnt to explain it to those closest tome me but its so horrible. I have tried CBT and event hypnosis but I am still doing it! I know I am an attractive lady and I like to go out and have fun and I have learnt to accept it as part of who I am but people just stare if I don;t cover it up ... I've been told by the lady that took me for CBT that it was a physical pain I was inflicting on myself to help deal with my emotional pain but blah blah to be honest I had crap stuff happen in my past, I understand all of it, I overcame a drinking problem and that was very tough but I feel at peace with my past so how do I kick this habbit???
2 Answers
July 27, 2011
hi der all the best with trying to kick the habit. i only joined ere last week and since then i have stopped picking. i dunno if this has helped but this is what i have done to stop. Cover mirror with toothpaste so that u cant see ur face/skin/back etc. Put in dim light. Cut ur nails short. Be aware of wen u pick. DONT count days u havent picked if u wanta stop for good. i just dont see the sense in stopping for just 30 days. may as well try to stop for good:)
July 28, 2011
Hi .... I share ur pain, I'm 25 and I obsessively pick the skin on my feet, my arms are scarred as I'm obsessed with squeezing any pimple or imperfection, if I don't have anything to pick or have already picked it I turn to my fiancé, I demand he let me pick and squeeze any blackheads or spots on his back to rid him of any 'imperfection', I only joined this site today so unable to offer you any advise at this time but I just wanted u to know your not alone! Xxxxxx

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