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mainer72 , 27 Jul 2011

I just turn 39 and cant hide my skin picking problem anymore!

I just turned 39 and for as long as I can remember I have been picking my skin. And up until a few years ago I never told anyone about it because I was embaressed. It has gotten worse the older I have gotten. I once use to pick where noone could see my upper arms and my backside/butt (embaressing to share this) now its everywhere. If I lived in a country where women had to cover themselves head to toe I would be all set. But I dont and you can see scars and sores on my hands my forearms my face my legs everywhere possible. I wake up to me digging at my skin. Then I have to hear the "What happen there" which already is embaressing but for someone to ask out loud is even more embaressing and I would think it would be embaressing for them to even ask the question But this is America! I kinda figured out if I could just not have the ability to feel something on my skin weather it be a blemish or a scab maybe I wouldn't be picking. Does any know of anything that I could do to cover up my fingertips other then gloves because I would just pull those off. I know I need some deep therapy but every time I mention it to a doctor or a therapist they blow it off and just say "You need to stop digging yourself" no duh do they really think if I didn't have a problem I would actually ruin my body. I really would like to stop before I turn 40 and before I get an infection so bad a part of my body has to be cut off. Please if anyone has over come skin picking please let me know how you did it.
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July 27, 2011
hi there i joined here last wk and my picking has been bad for past ten years. but i have stopped picking now and the only things that worked for me was (1) covering mirror with toothpaste so that i couldnt really see my skin (2) dim lighting (3) short nails. stop now today cos i just stopped over a week ago and my scars/marks etc are clearing up soooooo well!!! dont be scared to give it a go!!!!

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