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MagicGem , 28 Jul 2011

Storing or hoarding of skin/scabs

Hi guys, It's fulfilling to hear I am not alone, I've felt so isolated like some freak for years... My compulsion is I pick the skin off the bottom of my feet, I don't know why, I find myself doing this watching the tv, when I'm in the bath, etc. I use my fingers, tweezers, or anything to hand, but my biggest shame about this is I've always had the need to either eat or store this skin. The small pieces I find myself putting them in my mouth like some shameful pork scratching...the larger pieces I store as a embarrassing keepsake in a guilt box in my dresser drawer. I've never had any issues with hoarding and other than this I still don't. My fiancé is the only one who knows, he finds it weird and will request frequently that I throw this skin away, but just the thought makes me anxious, my collection is growing and I now have approx two teacups full of dead skin stored and I can't stop! The most shameful issue for me is I am a mental health nurse, I've been qualified and working in mental health for over three years and I find m yself Keats over analysing this behaviour, my colleagues know I've suffered periods of depression since I was 19 (I'm now 25) but I'd b horrified if they knew my true shame. Am I alone? Why do I do this? I also get satisfaction looking at the box of skin and playing with it when I'm on my own....weird huh? Xxxxx
1 Answer
July 28, 2011
hi there. i just joined this site a week ago and set up the thread 'iam going to stop'. if u feel u are ready to stop picking post on it and let us know how u are gettin on. we all tryin to stop. but if u are content with wat u are doin i not sur wat to say but i think before u try to stop u have to throw that keepsake away and put it all in ur past, anxious or not!!! or get ur fiance to throw it out. maybe talk to a therapist or somethin as well about ur need to hoard. Good luck:)

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