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riekie , 29 Jul 2011

beutyfull but ugly

hello all. Im from South Africa. i start skin picking from the age of 4. I dont know how to stop. Im embaressed when some one ask me why or making a comment on this. I hate it. Im diagnosed with depression and getting treatment, but my skin is full of outbreaks. i have marks all over my body like in all over my face scalp arms leggs bud back neck all over. I need help I want to stop picking
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July 29, 2011
Hang in there. All i can say is what helped me was going through the forum for similar stories and advice and also just looking into myself and figuring out what triggers my picking, when i'm most susceptible to a picking frenzy, etc, and then working toward educating myself on this disorder and hopefully eventually getting over it or at least learning how to manage it.

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