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ChuChuCee , 29 Jul 2011


I went back to my dermatologist about two and a half weeks ago and she put me on differin for the active acne I have in combination with Yasmin birth control and topical finacea for the scarring and red marks on my face as well. For the first time in a long time I'm starting to see improvement... As soon as I see improvement it's hard to feel compelled to mess it up, so i've done a pretty good job of leaving it alone. My legs on the other hand have been destroyed. Since it's summer i've spent a lot of time outside and got millions of mosquito bites which have since scabbed over and I pick them to death. I'm now wearing jeans in the middle of Kansas summer in 100 degree weather because i'm so ashamed of my legs. BUT, i would rather do that and have a clear face, haha. I was kind of talking to my dad the other day, and he has trichotillomania (compulsively pulls out his hair) and he said he went to many therapists and everything but at some point he just accepted that this is something that he does, that he can't help, and everyone else has to get over it. I kind of like his mentality. Of course, picking causes much more extensive damage (both physically and emotionally) so I don't know if i could ever get to the point of being totally ok just letting it all hang out. Also, I don't know if anyone has netflix or has seen the TV show Obsessed, but Season 1 Episode 11 features a skin picker and I cried my eyes out for this poor lady and for myself when I watched it.

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