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lily.jay , 30 Jul 2011

i need to get this off my chest

im 15 years old. ive been picking at my scalp for about a year and picking at my lips and biting the inside of my check sense i can remeber. no body knows. im terrified to tell anyone, i feel if i tell im either going to get sympathy or a digusted look.. i want neither what i want is help. i want to stop i used to pick for hrs till my scalp would bleed and scab then i would pick the scab.. it was undless. im not sure why i do this. all i know is i cant stop. i used to be distgusted that i do that, i felt alone .. i felt as if i was the only one.. i have to lie all the time from getting exsposed . im tired of all the lying and secrets. i want to be a normal teen not worring about this.

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