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leelee953 , 31 Jul 2011

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Well today is day one of hopefully my chance to beat this skin picking problem. I finally talked to my DR about it on Friday he has given me some Fluoxentine so I hope this will curb my need to pick. It just has gotten so bad I hurt on my back from picking the same scabs over and over my stomach and breasts looks like a war field most of those are from me pulling the tiny hairs out that turn into bumps which I squeeze over and over and as the scab forms if it not a hard one I squeeze some more and pick pick pick till I am bloody. I can spend hours doing this to the point I feel like I am going to throw up. I tell me self to stop but I never listen my face is all marked up due t any little pimple bump I am on it I get such pleasure is seeing it pop and a big one that really pops just makes my day. Same with the Scabs if I can get it off all in one piece I say score and a feeling of joy comes over me. Then the blood comes and the pain my back and stomach and breasts hurt I try band aids they work to a point but its just like i am obsessed and can't stop. I know it is so bad and the infection that can come is bad I just hope with the meds and a good support group I can get a handle on this and get my life back. Lisa J
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August 01, 2011
well hi there i noticed that you commented on my foruum "picking breasts" and im also on fluexitone ive been on it for about a year now and it helps me a little but as youve probably already read my therapist told me to journal my feelings maybe you can give it a try..tell me how it goes..hope this helps love!!!

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