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pickingGirl , 04 Aug 2011

18 years old and heartbroken over what im doing to myself

Hey fellow skin pickers. I just registrated today and i wanted to share some of my picking issues. I guess everyone here knows what pain and low confidence this picking causes to you. I really feel disgusted with myself, i hate seeing myself in the mirror with little clothes on. I´ve been picking since i was a child. I remember my mum told me "stop picking your skin, you look sick with all those scabs, one day when your older you´ll want to wear pretty dresses and show off your legs etc, so stop now." I took me a while but then i pretty much stopped and i do not remember how?! I guess it was pretty easy then cause at that point i had´nt been doing it for so long. Years have passed and i´ve picked a bit, but not to the point i couldnt show myself infront of people in a bikini or anything, actually i had pretty good skin. Then two years ago i started picking a LOT again, more than ever actually. And since then i haven´t been able to stop. I pick my legs, arms, face and occasionally on my chest. Its been awful all of this. I havent been able wearing any of the summerclothes and always dress in jeans and a cardigan over a top. Almost everyday! I can´t date anyone either cause thats pretty much mission impossible looking like this. The thing is i also got OCD real bad in September last year and my picking got worse along with the huge anxiety OCD brought me. Its just now a couple of weeks ago i actually realized that this picking IS a BIG PROBLEM. I dont want to hide anymore :( !!! I love shopping and i would like to wear all of my beautiful dresses that i never can show myself in like this. I just want to stop this for so many reasons, i hate myself for doing this. I look awful and i´m so jelous seeing some girls in beautiful outfits with their good looking healthy skin. I know i am not alone with this problem and i really hope for all of us that we get through this!!! We should then have a big beachparty and all of us feeling confident and proud of ourselfs in swimwear, lol! Man i wish i could be at the beach in my bikini :(
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August 04, 2011
I'm going through this too and after awhile it's just not a good thing. I want to wear dresses too and shorts and short sleeved shirts at least...but even if I stopped (and I stop but start again...arg) I'm always going to look deformed. I worry a lot about it and as a result have lost over half of my hair. I'm 20 and my hair is so thin you can see right through it. It used to be long, wavy and thick...and my skin was a beautiful olive/tan but now I'm a monster. Just know you aren't alone ...I wish I could just start over.

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