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Jenn The Otter , 05 Aug 2011

Crime Scene

It was over a hundred degrees almost everyday this week, and I am hating myself (and my un-airconditioned car) because I can't wear shorts because my legs look like a crime scene! ugh! I even tried putting makeup on my legs, but that just looked bizarre out in the sunlight. Anyone know what those spray-on tans look like over scabs?
2 Answers
August 09, 2011
OMG DO NOT put those tan thing on your legs!! I tried that years ago and they make scabs look DARKER and they don't fade after you wash it either. The tan can streak and it will look blotchy after like 3 days. TRUST ME. I'm sorry about your legs...I've been wearing long sleeves in the heat...
August 10, 2011
I say wear short sleeves and shorts if other people don't like it they can deal with that. Maybe the embarrassment will give you the wake up call that you really need. I think sometimes I have continued to pick at my skin until it got so bad because I was hoping someone (my family) would say something about it and be really shocked which would really wake me up to the fact that I need to stop and I cant just be in my own little world all the time.

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