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pickingGirl , 05 Aug 2011

The ugly truth of picking

Today i made the decison to take photographs of what i have done to my arms and legs. Because i feel more stronger now taking the steps towards a recovery from this and my ocd. I will not let this ruin my life anylonger!. The photographs are the reality and i needed to see it on my camera screen i think. It wasn´t fun to see at all and even if i do see myself when i shower or in the mirror, I felt that i needed to see the ugly truth on picture to really get that i HAVE to quit now! Actually i feel im making some form of progress allready i have started to avoid covering up "My work" at least when i am at home. Cause it feels as if as long as i keep hiding this even from myself when just walking by the mirror i am actually denying the problem to myself. I need to see the damage my picking causes my poor skin. I wish all the luck to you others with this problem, we WILL get through this! We have to stay positive even when we make a little fallback and pick again, you have to keep moving towards the goal and hey, it can only get better if we stop picking. Sure some scars will last but how many wont they be if we continue? I try to think that to myself everyday - That it can only get better! :)

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